Is couture still relevant in fashion?  This is the usual question fashion people talk about twice a year. Today the light is on the contemporary, the pathway leading to a “demi” couture for sure in prices if not in quality. Clearly the dream is still held by couture; and all the great memories of the great couturiers who made fashion what fashion is today keep the dream going.


Reinventing couture is where Raf Simons is succeeding – in giving inspiration and dreams. Shapes, materials, and a  scenario – a whole universe of romance to which the word haute gives fresh meaning to couture.


The mirrored tower, layers of space, was the magical backdrop illuminating the Dior silhouettes.  It was a whole world of dreams, the mind trying to follow the eyes exploring this dream tower of realms. Whatever inspired Raf Simons to create this magic reality? My mind was sent down many avenues of idyllic scenes – the very magic of couture.



Darger is a visionary. An  American writer and artist, he spent decades dedicated to writing  his 15.000 page manuscript,  “the Realms of the Unreal”.  Fantastic creatures illustrate its pages with many beautiful watercolors, it is a singular story – the enigma of  his life.  His paintings apparently are considered  more beautiful than his writings – 15.000 pages is a lot to read, perhaps one day.




A real dream is the pink gown by Comme des Garçon, I cannot remember the year I saw it, but its image has been with me as a memory of beauty for a long long time – my dream to wear it has yet to materialize – still waiting…




Written behind this mask drawing by Man Ray…Masque de toi, masque de moi… He considered his photographs to be of lesser interest, and saw himself a painter before anything else.




If there ever was a dream, here, Richard Avedon’s photograph of Marilyn on a sofa, as he told me once it was “one of those nights”.




Moony taking a good rest on a sunny morning, it is Sunday for him too.




All is ready for a good workout on the pilates mat… missing only the enthusiasm for it, but that can be found in the will, on the path to realizing all our dreams.


Posted on: Sunday, February 1st, 2015

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