Any conversation on how fast time is passing is nonsense as we all do our best to run as fast as we can – in thinking, technology, travel. But it came as a surprise to understand it has been three years since our 20th anniversary in Milano and it is already one year in Shanghai! This week a trip to Shanghai,
Seoul and Beijing – now “de rigueur”.



A warm welcome to Audrey, she will run 10 Corso Como in Shanghai and in Beijing!
Here at the Anniversary of our first year, the opening party for the Blumenfeld exhibition. It looks wonderful here.



Lotus is the flower of inspired lyrics, of greek mythology;  the national flower of India  and the symbol of supreme reality. For the Egyptians it meant creation and rebirth. In China it also is very important. Rooted in Buddhism, it is the flower of purity. Here our lotus, four large ponds of water, at the front doors of 10 Corso Como in Shanghai.



Fashion meets entertainment in the new project collection Nona9on – the famous musician Yang Goon and Samsung have joined together – and it was a real entertainment evening to attend. All set to great music and clothes, a very beautiful moment, starting from the name which means variety and the infinite potential of growth.



A visit to PPD, the new Zaha Hadid building – to see the Chanel exhibition in Seoul was a must during my trip. And the exhibition is a jewel, showing all the cultural interests of Coco Chanel that ranged far beyond fashion. This show makes  it clear why her clothes are immortal, they carry so much of the rest of her culture.



In Beijing – designing the new 10 Corso Como space Kris has started from the ceiling. Lights – lighting is a priority always, whether it is natural light or artificial light,
we need light always, it is life.



Great news! 10 Corso Como’s restaurant in Seoul ranks TOP 1,
the best restaurant of the month of the top 1000.
Thank you, chef Han !



The legend of Family Li Imperial cuisine comes from Li Shun Qing, one of the highest officials in the imperial household during the Qing Dynasty and one of his duties included overseeing the imperial cuisine. After his retirement he wrote all the recipes with the ingredients and cooking methods. The Beijing Gong restaurant has been serving true traditional dishes since 1993 there. It is important to go and experience a taste of history.



The tea master and architects working at Beijing’s store invited us to the most beautiful old house to have dinner enjoying the Imperial cuisine at Beijing Gong restaurant.


Posted on: Sunday, September 14th, 2014

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