Today we are all working, bringing chaos to order. For 23 years, every August, we have dismantled, repainted, re-arranged, and created anew, from the chaos, the vision of 10 Corso Como.  It is never as easy as we think it will be. In the process, things change, become more complicated, and this chaos seems impossible to manage.  I say every year, “ this is the last time.  Never again.”  This is the 23rd year I have said that.  This is the 23rd year, come the fall weather, 10 Corso Como will present another face to our friends and customers. This Sunday, in this ritual of chaos,
I hold that vision.

Is the day of dismantling.  Literally everything is taken out.
Only then can we see what a huge and ambitious process this is.

Is the restaurant day when we focus on the ceilings, walls, floor, all is repainted afresh.

Is perhaps my most favorite, when I think about the bookshop and what it  can offer for our visitors who enjoy books  and objects of design  as much as I do.

Is the men’s fashion day, and all the chandeliers – and there are many –
are taken down and cleaned with special care.

Is the day we paint and design the women’s fashion area.

Is the 3 Rooms day. What can we offer our guests that reflects the welcome we extend to all of our visitors here? Nothing is better than fresh white walls and a shining floor.

Is garden day, but no day of rest.  Here is another Sunday and chaos still rules the day.  But tomorrow will be a day of restarting to put this puzzle into its new shape for another year.  This is the time I cherish most.  Planting the seeds for another year.

Posted on: Sunday, August 17th, 2014

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