Over two years ago, the idea of a book about 10 Corso Como was born.

Patiently we have been moving this project through the seasons

– growing it as Asia grew alongside; as the bookshop expanded,

and the gallery opened new exhibitions. Now, the book A to Z

 is coming to an end and will be in print. While the book is finished–

 I realize that it is never really finished – the story goes on.

For me, this is the time to start new all over again.

Looking at the unbound pages of the sections of the book about 10 Corso Como,

so many memories cross my mind. And I think of all the stories, people I have met,

and the things I have touched and that have touched me over the years

I have been in fashion, and photography, and design – 45 years of my journey

simply cannot be splashed across these pages

– while I am still enjoying them all with the same intensity.

One of the most interesting young artists now living in Los Angeles,

Sterling Ruby’s work transforms both fabrics and ceramics

into large sculptural objects and free standing sculptures. For nearly a decade

he has been in conversation with Raf Simons about art and fashion – disposability

and utility – one of a kind, limited edition, and wider production – so this complete

collaboration between the two on a men’s wear collection was perhaps

not a surprise, but really a delight to see and think about.


It was one of the wonderful fashion moments to see the collection

of Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby, who came out for a bow together.

The iconic Simons Silhouettes and Sterling’s art were astonishingly

perfect together, as was Pink Floyd’s soundtrack.

The French dancer Angelin Preljocaj has choreographed

a contemporary dance called, “The Nights””.  One thousand and one nights

– the stories from the Orient – form the heart of the ballet, with costumes

designed by Azzedine Alaïa and fashioned at his atelier for all the dancers.

Here, a rare excursion for Alaïa – designing the costumes for men.



The body is always at the basis of Alaïa’s work, so for me the best scene

was the parade of dancers in the studded red dresses – like a mirage

reminding me of the beginning of AA’s work thirty years ago.

It was a truly impressive staging and the music of Egyptian musicians

Natacha Atlas and Samy Bishal made the illusion complete.


Holes… took us back to the iconic pieces from the very

beginning of Rei Kawakubo’s fashion revolution in early 1981.

Here, in the men’s collection holes were placed

everywhere in such a masterful way, exalted.

Julien’s extraordinary drawings, and his style and sensibility

have been expressed for years in his hair creations.

This time at Comme des Garçons, the hair was done in the style

of the god Ganesh – the god of creativity – perfectly suited to the collection.



Posted on: Monday, January 20th, 2014

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