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Norman Parkinson

A very British Glamour

One of the pioneers of fashion photography, Norman Parkinson is famous for his uncompromising sense of style and glamour. This is the book you would imagine Norman Parkinson might have curated himself. With an interesting biography of the photographer on the other side of the lens, Louise Baring accompanies these pages with a dry British humour Parkinson would have enjoyed.  From fashion photos of pre-war London, to saturated color film techniques of the ‘50’s, to the swinging London of the 60’s into the late 70s, Parkinson’s sense of enduring elegance carries through.

“He makes our lovely American ladies look like duchesses and indeed, on occasion, he has been known to make a duchess appear a lady” wrote Frank Zachary, Town & Country’s  Editor in Chief in 1987, a year after the death of one of the most famous duchesses of the 20th century, Wallace Simpson. The classic nature of Parkinson’s eye captured it all.

Norman Parkinson

A very British Glamour

by Louise Baring

Rizzoli International Publisher, 2013

24 x 31cm, 224 pp, hardcover, 65 euro

 Availabale online at 10 Corso Como


Posted on: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

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