An entire week in Paris dedicated to the work of Azzedine Alaïa .

The exhibitions of his retrospective at The Galliera Museum and, across the street,

at the Salles Matisse of the Museum of Modern Art, the new book,

and some treasured time with my friend of many years.

As always, a pleasure to share all the beautiful

and emotional moments with him and all his friends, who have grown to became

mine over the years and mine who became his.

Here, Alaïa’s crocodile jacket. Perfect as fashion. Perhaps more perfect as art. Placed now in front of Matisse’ bronze sculpture, the juxtaposition of two masters of form and shape makes this exhibition truly groundbreaking.


Azzedine is for me the definition of “friend”. While I have my family, he is my

family by election. As close to me as my own, so it is beautiful to see him

surrounded here by all his creations, this amazing body of work that is his life.


It was to be Alaïa’s work for the inaugural exhibition at the Galliera Museum

after a three year renovation. It is an homage of Paris to beauty and creativity in

fashion and design. A tribute to the timeless work of a rare talent.


Three masters of couture, Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy, Monsieur Philippe Venet,

and Azzedine Alaïa, speaking with each other as Bettina Graziani, muse/model

of the fashionable 50’s, joins them. Four living treasures of 20th century style

talking together, a moment to cherish.



What an exciting sight for a friend to see on the front door of the Museum of

Modern Art – the name of Alaïa next to the name of Matisse!

The Alaïa exhibition continues in these two salons, with his sculptured works

next to the Matisse works, adding another level to the exhibition. Superb.

The arrival at the Salle Matisse of one of the Alaïa couture dresses for display.

Covered by a toile that looks like a dress in itself,

wrapped and unwrapped with love by its creator.


Here, in front of the “Unfinished Dance”, painted by Henri Matisse in 1931,

artist Christoph Von Wehye and Azzedine Alaïa.

As the evening was growing darker, thousands of candles were illuminating the

Galliera Museum garden for the party while the Tour Eiffel and the skyline of

Paris became the perfect backdrop.


At the end of a great evening, everybody was dancing with joy

to honor Alaïa, friend and master.

Posted on: Sunday, September 29th, 2013

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