Here my desk is  both east and west – now and future – and pretty much chaos as we finalize the last minute details for the opening of 10 Corso Como in  Shanghai.  When I first came here in August 1980 and traveled through China by train, I could not dream that one day I would walk in the streets of Shanghai late at night and feel perfectly at ease like a new home. Happy to be here.

Enjoying the new addition to this amazing skyline.

Blue seems to be a growing color at 10 Corso Como Shanghai – the color of the skies in the fall are so clear that the blue can sometimes be as deep
as the night is black. Here a picture by Rosi.

How does my Shanghai garden grow?
Actually it would not grow without Kris. His creative force is everywhere.
It is amazing how mature his work has grown – every garden is so different!

Imagine my delight this morning! The new door is finally in. We are almost there!

And there should be a small crescent moon and Venus in the sky these evenings.

Lots of sparkle and dancing lights – a tour de force of inviting beauty from our new world.


 It is the new crescent moon now – right next to Venus in the evening sky. The new moon grows from right to left, so this is a new growing moon.
For me a good time for us and it is supposed to be the best time for Virgos.

Here a picture of the little stars stairs at 10 Corso Como in Shanghai.

 As 10 Corso Como Milano – September 9th –

10 Corso Como  Shanghai will also be a Virgo.
According to Susan Miller astrology September will be

“a solid supportive month” and “much closer to a dream”…

Posted on: Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

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