Sunday from my desk

On Monday, I went to the presentation of the beautiful

(and this word beautiful really is not enough)

 and most wonderful book that was full of inspirations

and memories written by Beppe Modenese of his life in fashion.

With only a week to go until Milan hosts Men’s Fashion week,

this book, simply titled, ” Minister of Elegance”

is a lesson in style for everyone there.

All was so perfect, even the weather in the garden was great.

And I had the happy fortune to meet my friend Roberta Balsamo,

who gave me this phone cover.

Although it does not seem to be my image for myself,

I immediately gravitated to this fantasy world of hers like a magnet.

I can see people looking rather perplexed

– it is not black? When I make a call holding

my new palm tree and crocodile – or lizard?  telephone.

I think no matter, it is all good luck.

Posted on: Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

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