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Grazia Neri

La mia fotografia

“The camera is a different tool from a pen. It can be used to produce an instantaneous masterpiece, to upset society with a scoop, to amaze people with something new. Each of us reacts to the picture on the basis of our own sensitivity, culture, intelligence, mood and passion” so writes Grazia Neri in “La mia fotografia” published by Feltrinelli.

This book is not only a personal journal about her life, her mother, her missing father, her loves, but also an important story of the history of photography in Milan after the war. Written by a woman who has worked for over forty years with the best photographers of our time as agent and champion and confidante, Grazia Neri has pulled nearly 100 images from her collection of thousands for this publication. It is a book that sharpens your eye in how to read an image, to see the complex stories these images tell, and to understand why it is now so difficult to find clean journalistic images in a press that can no longer afford to support the field of journalistic reportage.

Grazia Neri

published by Feltrinelli

454 pp, 25 euro

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Posted on: Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

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