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Jeff Wall, Gestus

scritti sull’arte e la fotografia

“The paradox is that you need a certain amount of education to see these things. Perception has to be prepared.” so says Jeff Wall, now with his first solo retrospective at PAC on via Palestro 14 in Milan.
One of the first to shoot digital images, his photographs are carefully arranged like a scene in a film with full control of all details, and presented in large Cibachrome transparencies on light boxes. Their compositions often borrow from classical painters like Manet, Velazquez, Titian and his subjects from the literature he admires. Spring Snows by Mishima being one of the images he creates.
Wall’s career in contemporary photography, as an artist, a dramatist, a cinematographer, a film maker, a storyteller, a philosopher, and a composer make him a formidable figure to engage. This precious, clear book invites you to enter into his vision of what constitutes a gesture in art and photography.  Published by Quodlibet-Abitare, with a selection of Wall’s writings curated by Stefano Graziano in Italian.

Jeff Wall Gestus
published by Quodlibet -Abitare
244 pp, 24 euro

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Posted on: Saturday, April 27th, 2013

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