Is coffee the beverage of thoughts? This Sunday thinking of the soon to open 10 CC

in Shanghai and the books which are such an important part of our DNA,

I decided not to put the books next to the gallery

as in Milano but next to/close together with the café.

A literary café.  Why not?  From the Ottoman Empire to today

the cafè culture is part of our identity as Europeans. Coffee  and dreams.

Most of the famous novels and literary moments

of all time were written in cafés,

like in the famous La Rotonde in Paris

where Hemingway wrote “The Sun also rises”.

Today there is a bookshop café in Paris in the 4th

Arrondissement called “Café Livres” that is charming.

With lines and lines of books, books covering the walls, the bar,

and the counter, you can sit in their comfortable

leather chairs, read, and have lunch there.

It is in Brussels Belgium, this large space, a dream

of all bookshops. 1500 square meters of culture.

Where books are everywhere from ceiling to floor –

a restaurant where you can taste food and try books,

here you can read, buy, have a coffee, a drink,  and also a meal.

A place where you can spend a whole day and more.



Coffee shops and cafés have always been like the breath of life

– central in our culture –and to share this way of living

in Seoul has been a wonderful experience.

People enter through the bookshop and see all the beautifully

displayed books before sitting down to sip a coffee,

or have a perfect lunch in our 10 Corso Como café. Events, book readings,

book signings, or just sitting and reading…

so many people enjoy spending an afternoon here.



Book lovers in China can now go to the magnificent “The Bookworm”.

Both English textbooks together with an amazing China section

make this one of the best bookshops in the world.

It is also a central meeting place where writers

are invited to talk, speakers introduce their ideas,

and all the cultures are mixed together along

with the tables, couches, seating counters,

and a bar and kitchen that also hosts wine tastings through

their wine club… everyone’s favorite place to rendezvous!

A cultural haven overlooking the calm blue sea of Greece. In the middle

of the Mediterranean , on the island of Santorini in the town of Oia,

the unexpected paradise of the bookshop called Atlantis Books.

Founded by American writer Craig Walzer. One can read, hear talks,

meet traveling scholars who share their favorite books

from the shelves of the Atlantis…reading by the wine dark sea….bliss.

The fascination with the romance of the literary cafés

has opened  more and more bookshops with coffee.

That is behind the creation of this project in NY.

Fascinating and beautifully conceived, but … deceiving.

No Books! For people like me, a book is smell, touch, eyes,

it must involve the senses.  The smell of coffee

is not enough for the true cultural effect.

The biggest public library ever and recognized as

the most sustainable public building in Amsterdam.

It is a gem!  The design is stunning, using all round arcs as corners, to cruise around

and find the perfect hub of research and pleasure.  It is so big,

so beautiful, you can get dizzy and lose your way.

There is also an outside terrace overlooking the city with wide windows

so you feel you are in a modern art museum.  Books being such a pleasure to see.

Books, music, coffee, dvds, magazines, both new and back issues…and coffee.

And a lounge with leather seats.

All in one amazing unique space right in the heart

of the crowded Daikanyama District. Both big and cozy – very rare to achieve.

Tsutaya books is  an exquisite building where everything

appears to be perfect, from the design to the content.

It is worth a trip to Tokyo.


Posted on: Sunday, April 28th, 2013

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