Finally – the first Sunday at my Milano desk in what seems like
months… and it looks so beautiful with the orchids and the soft light
of early spring – so good for the heart to be home, even in the rain.

Another party!  This time to celebrate the 5th anniversary of 10 Corso Como Seoul,

we all got together at AvenueL.

A special compilation 10 Corso Como cd in honor

of our anniversary is called “Seoul Melody” –

a name we created for Star Museum or SM Entertainment,

the indy record label here that is making such an

international splash these days with many of their bands.

It was always such a wonderful surprise to sit in the 10 Corso Como Café
at Avenue L and look out the windows – and now after a big renovation, it
is again open with its flowers all back in place for spring.

Here the entrance to a great restaurant in Seoul that serves classic Korean food.

Real Korean food, I think like most traditional foods,

certainly Italian, is good, healthy and light.

After twenty courses we were feeling great – old friends

having a good time and taking pictures to celebrate.

 We had two evenings in Shanghai at two very popular

and elegant clubs, and in both, everybody,

especially the very young and trendy, seemed to love spending

the evening playing billiards. In the 1800’s,

all the men’s social clubs in England played,

“the winning and losing carambole game”.

Women not allowed. Now everyone of both sexes here is playing –

replacing ping pong tables with pool tables.

An unusual experience in Shanghai was receiving an invitation

to have dinner with Mr. Tweed Roosevelt,

the great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt

and a nephew of President Franklin Roosevelt.
The house is a Neo-Classical building originally built in 1920,

wonderfully placed at 27 Bund, looking over the skyline,

and of course the conversation at dinner is one I will treasure.

We started the evening with a tour of the house and its stunning

wine cellar that holds a collection from all over the world.

Posted on: Saturday, March 30th, 2013

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