A very foggy rainy day in Shanghai with Kris at the new 10 Corso Como store.

The building itself is so beautiful with a spectacular view on the Golden Temple and Nanjing Park… Here a drawing of the doors on our working desk this Sunday.

Outside our window the view is magical with the Golden Temple all lit and the Shanghai streets reflecting the night lights – inside a few strands of prayer flags are the only help from heaven as demolition starts on the new 10 Corso Como – we have a very long way to go.  6 months and the count down begins…

Last night, March 23rd, at 8:30 we were all united to save the planet.  To help reminding ourselves that we need to use less energy, it was lights off for one hour – only candles.  Here in the beautiful Italian restaurant Capo, in Shanghai, the candlelight was a special time to be without lights and makes me think we should do more of this – everything looked so beautiful.

Kris and Felix planning the evening’s parties at Rat Tar Art Bar

at Reel down the road on Nanjing.

The ceiling of the new café restaurant at 10 Corso Como Cheongdam is a great design by Kris that reflects light everywhere in the room.  Like a maze of reflections, your eye can wander forever in the endless repetitions that float above you.  Using reflection to light is very energy efficient and why the ancients would put mirrors on the walls.

Never mind how famous his name has become, he is always the same warm person.

Everyone was telling him this in Seoul during his exhibition, “you are so normal!”

I have found in all my work, that the truly talented people are the nicest.

What a beautiful exhibition in the new temporary space at 10 Corso Como Seoul

while we celebrate our 5th anniversary.

Peter’s “Images of Women” presents such strong and impressive ideas.

Each surprises. Each is different.  His eye is unequaled.

  It is nice to know that his photos are available in a book

I have in my office when I return to Milan.

It seems like only yesterday and yet today we celebrate the 5th anniversary

of 10 Corso Como opening in Seoul.  It has been five years of great moments shared with Charles and Junsuk and now so much future to plan together.  Thank you.


Posted on: Sunday, March 24th, 2013

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