Fashion Week has a rhythm all its own. For me, even after 44 years, the moments we wait at the beginning are not annoying, but moments of excitement. I am always looking forward to seeing something new, fresh and never seen.  I know not every thing will be Utopia, but I always hope for the designer that it will be.

Believing it will happen again and again.


This week the question of time, and how fast it flies, has arisen many times during fashion week. Is this the right rhythm for ourselves?

for quality of life? creativity? to enjoy pleasure?

But right now, who has time to write the Elegy “de la lenteur” ? Here, a piece by Raymond Hains from 1966, to express those feelings we all have about time.

Beauty Beauty is what it is all about in every field, every domain.
Mirror Mirror. But every side has so many meanings that looking at yourself is easy –
knowing yourself is the most difficult thing we do.
To finally grow where we can look and feel good about ourselves helps us to feel better about others.Here, “Mirror Doubles”, a work from 1966 by Julio Le Parc – he has created a group of eight mirrors in both wood and plastic.  You can hold them to your face and see all your facets.
In the end, it is always a matter of the circular.  The dynamic movement as we go in circles. Here, a Marina Apollonio art piece, “Dinamica circolare”, 1966/1982″.
 It is for me, as circles always are, the expression of perfection.
“Moving Disks” is a work by Jean Pierre Yvaral from 1965.  Op art is mostly
about fooling the eye, but this piece,
with its circle at the center, radiating infinite lines all the way to
the edge, is for me like always having options – lots of choices.
Of course a personal interpretation.
Victor Vasarely, one of the earliest artists to create the Op Art style
in the 1930’s, here shows concentric circles made from squares.
To see the square? the circle?
Named for two Greek letters that are also cosmic rays – “Beta” and “Gamma” –
inspiration from the constellations.
Looking to the constellations, one always draws ideas,
inspiration and creates stories between the stars to inspire.
I have no idea what story Yaacov Agam is saying here in “Constellation”,
his 1955 relief in wood and painted metal, but the beauty of endless open
space can always be filled with ideas.
And the most perfect circle is this  piece “Cercles Polychromes”, made by Julio Le Parc in 1970.
Since 2002, the Palais de Tokyo,  has been a wonderful center for contemporary art that makes Paris always inspiring.  Even the gardens are cultivated by artists, making the outside of the building as interesting as the inside.
 Now the Argentinian artist Julio le Parc’s exhibition, “Soleil Froid”, is just opening with other amazing pieces like this. Here until May.
Posted on: Sunday, March 10th, 2013

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