Last night, the feast of the Three Kings arrived in Milan marking the end of the Christmas season. The Kings were really astrologers who could read the heavens and despite the brilliance of the star they followed, they got lost for awhile.

We light candles to commemorate this journey, a soft natural light that illuminates with bees wax and fire.  Now, even with our GPS and radar, nature shows us that we still do not have all the answers. With all our technologies, we can still get lost.  Unless we begin to pay attention to where we are in our journey on this planet and how we decide to find our way, we will not have a destination.

This wood sculpture by Kris Ruhs sits here in front of me in the office, showing a path that gets narrower and narrower and really makes you ask, “where are we going?”

I don’t know how much closer you can get to nature aligned with art than the works of Andy Goldsworthy, another English artist.  “I need to understand the nature that is in all things.  That stone is composed of wood, water, earth and grass.”   Nature connecting to us through his art is wonderful to experience.

Artists have always been interested in, or inspired by nature and one of the great gifts of nature is sound.  Harry Bertoia sculpted his pieces not only to look wonderful but also to make sound.  Here, one of his “bush” series he made in the 70’s, now installed in a park in Norway .  Because of technology, we can hear the amazing “music” his works make even on the internet.

Some of my favorite chair designs are by Harry Bertoia, who became super famous for the series of chairs he designed for Knoll that we still recognize.

But his major works were really his sculptures he did in a career started in 1940’s until his death in 1978.  Here,“Willow”, almost 1.50 meters high and made of steel.

Tom Hare is a British sculptor now working in London. Here, “Seed” made from willow that he has woven for this installation at Kew Gardens. One of ten commissioned for the gardens.

Posted on: Sunday, January 6th, 2013

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