Monday, December 17th, 2012

Alexandre Mattiussi, age 30, is interested in everyday fashion.

Looking more to the present and to ordinary life circumstances than visualizing future trends. He says he wanted to design clothes his friends would have worn.

Wearable shapes, classic inspirations and comfortable cuts.

And stylish of course.

In 2011 he launched AMI, his own brand. Made by his initials and the last letter of his surname, it means “friend” in his native language.

Mattiussi has created an easy and relaxed ready to wear at an affordable price without renouncing to the menswear sartorial high quality he had inherited from his past working experiences at Dior, Givenchy and MarcJacobs.

Mattiussi’s men are cool without trying to impress at all costs. He dressed them from head to toe with his “French touch” but designed a wardrobe that fit Americans too.

Hence it comes as no surprise that even after only three seasons his collections are available also at Barney’s in New York.

The AMI’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection brings together double-breasted wide coats with denim jackets and herringbone motives with floral patterns both on jackets and trousers.

Materials vary from leather and suede for the jackets to wool for berets and sweater, while shapes are comfortable and generous, as for outwears and trousers, and the colours are those typical of autumn. The collection gives a fashionable touch to the menswear tradition but without exaggerating.

Some of the “made with Love” pieces, as it’s written on the labels of all AMI’s clothes, are on sale at 10 Corso Como.

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