A full week in Shanghai looking for locations and scouting places and  seeing what is new. The city seems every time I am here to be more and more open, full of energy and life. For some reason, maybe some of the old architecture in the French Concession, or the excitement of overheard conversations, but I feel it is like Europe here, it has become so cosmopolitan in its outlook. Since I first came in August 1980, all the changes are impossible to describe. Here, my shadow while taking a picture of Kris’ big beautiful wall he is making in Shanghai, all  paper, cut and painted, a beauty.

Kris is this week working on a new project in Shanghai, a bar he decided to call

 RAT TAR ART. The name is of course only three letters. Art because that is one of the most important things to have in life. Tar is its reverse and the Rat is one of the more interesting and charming characters in the Chinese horoscope.  Only three letters with a lot of meanings that now make the RAT TAR ART BAR in Shanghai.

Impressively big and full of energy and charm from both the outside and the inside, the endless 5000 piece curtain wraps through the interior creating a smashing backdrop for the one of a kind painted chairs, tables and stools. Everything is still getting ready so it is good to see these wonderful objects now, just before it opens and people  flood the room.

Clearly, there is a conversation happening between the two mascots of the

RAT TAR ART BAR.  The question is what are they talking about?

They are huge!  Chatting away as rats do in endless conversation about the happy crowds around them having a good time.

Here Kris with Pauline, the column supporter on the project, wearing the new

RAT TAR ART T-shirts. With them is Felix, working night and day and taking pictures. His pictures are now all on a wall showing the working in progress.

I hear that mugs are coming soon and hundreds of candles.


Visionary sisters. In conversation with Kris, they gave their full enthusiasm and support to the RAT TAR ART BAR project.

Wendy and Pauline want everything beautiful. To put so much passion and love for the aesthetic details in a project, is rare to see.  Here trying the just arrived


The place is impressively big. I am lucky I arrived when the work had advanced or I would have thought “mission impossible”!

Hundreds and hundreds of meters of canvas, painted by Kris with the help of old and new friends.  All to roll around the newly designed chairs, tables and stools. The bar is covered by air conditioner pipes Kris found discarded in the construction site in the lobby. It works.

Kris’ enthusiasm and driving force has drawn everybody into the new project, night and day, cutting, painting, moving, always with a smile. Kris’ project is their project now and the environment is electric.

I just landed in Shanghai and went to see Kris working on a new project, a temporary bar at Reel. Reel is the new great building project off West Nanjing Road where all the brands are opening their stores. It is a beautiful space right next to Jingan park and temple. He calls it RAT TAR ART BAR and it will be open for one year while the building is finishing. We all know a lot about the pop up shops, but this might be  the first pop up bar in the world .

A goodbye group picture to toast Min who has been promoted and is leaving the

10 Corso Como team to a new promising career.

We are going to miss her both for her elegance, style and gentleness and her professional skill. Wishing her the greatest future success.


Posted on: Sunday, November 11th, 2012

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