A famous picture by photographer Hiro taken in 1969 in homage to the first landing of Apollo 11. It is actually Apollo’s sister, Diana, however who is honored with the Moon. Her favorite animal, the stag, wears it as a crescent on its head. All next to my desk, with the new drawing for the next 10 Corso Como music compilation, from Earth to Air.

  Here in Milan the most beautiful blue evening sky on the terrace during
drinks on Thursday and a window in Paris with the first moon of the
month, the Moon of Green Corn. There are two full moons this month ­ the
second is always called the Blue Moon and they are rare. If you would
like a list of all of the American Indian names for the months to come,
here they are:
August – Moon of the Green Corn, Sturgeon Moon

September – Harvest Moon

October – Hunter’s Moon, Moon of the Falling Leaves

November – Beaver Moon

December – Cold Moon.

The Moon’s phases are each seven days long growing from the new dark moon through the crescent to the full moon then fading in the gibbous back to darkness. We have always watched it. For omens, for weather and for its beauty. The Greeks knew the earth was round because they saw our shadow cross it’s face during lunar eclipses. They knew it controlled the tides, and bird migrations and for many of us, our moods. Moonstones, with their wonderful colors,

show the many changes like the moon.

Here, all the moon’s phases are printed on this Rudi Gernreich silk scarf showing the same iconic face for the new, crescent, full, gibbous and all the phases in between.


One of fashion’s major innovators in the 1960’s, Rudi Gernreich  had a passion for celestial objects and did whole series using stars and suns and moons.

The covers are always the best in Vogue, with drawings and photographs that are so imaginative like this dream of balancing the sun on your toes at its most radiant moment. Drawn in 1941 when of course you could not swim without a swimcap tied under your chin.

A pair of sunglasses as round as the sun. Here in white bakelite in a 1939 photo by Horst B. Horst. The bag shaped like the striped awnings for the windows to keep the sun out.

As a friend of Azzedine, I can say that the stripes seen here are quite unusual

for an Alaia dress.This from his historic collections of the 1980’s. A unique, rare and great piece.

This red and cream striped buffed dress is probably by Claire Mc Cardell, one of my favorite designers. An American designer of the 1940’s known as “the gal who defied Dior”, she helped to create a chic approach to casual clothes.

This wonderful bloomer bottom, each leg with an elastic, what a shape!


 After six years or more of construction sites on both the north and south ends of our block, and being surrounded by hundreds of striped red and white cones, it finally seems that at the end of the summer all of the building will be done and our street will be open again! The entire neighborhood will be outside dancing under the blue moon when this happens!


Posted on: Sunday, August 5th, 2012

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