Today another birthday made delightful by finding a card from “Blackie” my cat dressed for a party. For all beginnings there are endings, the challenge is to handle both with humor and with style. Somehow this card does both.

Pierre Cardin is not only a visionary in men’s and women’s clothes,  but also jewels, hats,accessories, and furniture … here a bar in black and white lacquered

wood from 1972.

 The fecundity of great talent always impresses me. Here Mr. Cardin celebrates his 90th birthday with a men’s fashion show, and still finds new inspiration in shapes and fabrics. The use of such a wide selection of materials shows his extraordinary sense of the tactile as well as the geometric ideas he has always favored. As he says, “My creations are the  classics of tomorrow”.

   Rei Kawakubo’s shows are always a challenge to the mind and the eye.  This spring many designers presented a very bright palette while CDG chose this palette only in the color of the hair – this grows out, washes away. Here a Chinese jacket coat that reminded me of my friend Azzedine whose style it reflects.

   Here is my dear long time friend Azzedine Alaia in Paris, rue Bellechasse,  in the 1980’s surrounded by his creations and his muses as I first saw him.
He wears of course his ubiquitous Chinese “uniform” that he still favors.

   In Azzedine Alaia’ s kitchen for my birthday watching Sophia Loren movies.  Here the Pride  and the Passion from 1957.  Frank Sinatra I think of as a singer, but he was also a not too bad actor.  Here he is a Spanish soldier in love of course with Sofia Loren. So is Cary Grant. The story is of a huge cannon needing to be moved across the mountains to win a battle in the wars of  Napoleon.  Based on a book written in 1930’s, the original cannon is actually in Jaipur India and is quite huge and very old.

Posted on: Sunday, July 1st, 2012

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