As winter’s weather brings slow evenings, I am thinking that changes begin with each of us. I wish I could see the changes that will come and what 10 Corso Como will prepare to welcome them. With all the new talents in photography, fashion and design to keep an eye on this year it is a gift to work at what I truly enjoy.

Seeing the eyes on the IT book on my desk reminded me of a classic from the 1970’s, The Eyes of Laura Mars. A thriller with Tommy Lee Jones, Raoul Julia and Faye Dunaway. The movie used the photographs of Rebecca Blake. She did much like Helmut Newton….very erotic slightly dangerous pictures and she could see what was going to happen next!

 This photo of Swedish born American sculptor Claes Oldenburg was taken by Hannah Wilke, a sculptor and artist with whom he traveled and shared studios in New York.

His eyes and words join together.He knew the meaning of changes.In the ’70s he said, “Everything I do is completely original-I made it up when I was a little kid”.


The International Times (IT) was part of the London Revolution. This famous underground newspaper lasted only 205 issues. With writers like Burroughs, Ginsberg, Germaine Greer – and interviews with celebrities like

Pete Townsend and Pink Floyd, it is easy to enjoy. The graphics are so strong that the eyes are captured instantly.



 “So I think So I paint”. This biography of  Fortunato Depero never leaves the table next to my desk. Writer, sculptor, painter, toy maker and costume designer,

he was above all for me the best graphic designer. This famous book is 234 pages of his manifesto for Futurism for the Universe.


The ideas of Depero became real in every day living.He designed the Campari Soda bottle still used and changed the style of advertising visuals forever.

His work is now in the museum he founded in Rovereto.

This COPPA DI BRIVIDI ad in 1931 is the perfect illustration for cocktails.


CU@10CC will open next week. Already it can be seen as a wonderful addition to the evenings at 10 Corso Como. Cocktails, tapas dining and some warm sounds every Thursday evening with Natasha Slater will chase the chill out of winter.


Perhaps this is the reason I started thinking about eyes this week.

The New Year opened here at 10 Corso Como with this painting of a new smiling face and very bright eyes I have found on my desk as a present.

I think he is looking to a positive optimistic beginning of the year. How lucky we are to be able to see the talent and enjoy these changes.

Posted on: Saturday, January 7th, 2012

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