Sarah Moon gave me this great photo of an elephant as a gift  for our 20th anniversary. It is symbol of wisdom and luck. I have him on my desk today while I make future for 10 CC. It seems I am now at my desk working both night and day – even on my most peaceful Sunday. And, since Christmas is always followed by a new year, I am beginning to plan for our next year’s exhibitions, including the 50th anniversary of Courrèges. With more openings, and more travels, it should be a wonderful year. And here at 10CC I have decided to make a new little project in our café this year. It will be called CU@10CC. More to come on that later…

This week I went to Kris’ studio to see his new work. And among the paintings and sculptures, he showed me the first prototype of a fountain he is making for the new Seoul garden opening next March. It is important to us and for 10 Corso Como to have green life and water around.

Tickets were all sold out at Blue Note for the concert of Sarah Jane Morris. Her music has many personal spiritual references and has always been for me an emotional experience to listen to her and see her perform. At the piano the great Danilo Rea. Here is a photo of her last night with her flamed red hair and black dress.

Good memories of a concert at 10 Corso Como

in September to celebrate our twenty years’ anniversary.

Our Christmas Reindeers made the long trip from the North Pole to Italy this year! They will be prancing and dashing all over 10 Corso Como on our Christmas cards and candles and boxes and ribbons and bows. In Mantua where I was born,

Santa Claus comes on Christmas day to bring gifts to the homes of good children, with magical elves and the nine flying reindeers.

Our reindeer in 18 different antlers versions is one only Kris could draw…

Since 1824 Pasticceria Marchesi has been producing the best panettone in town.

The traditional dome shaped cake associated with our city is made with natural yeast and has been attracting generations of Milanesi. It is a Christmas tradition to reserve the panettone weeks in advance and go to pick it up stopping at the nearby

Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church that is the site of Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco,

“The Last Supper”.

This Winter Sunday I made a stop at Sant’Eustorgio, my favorite church in Milano.

This is one of the churches my father would take my sister and me to visit when we were growing up and explain the architecture and the art there.

Sant’Eustorgio dates to the third/fourth century and it was the site of the tomb of the Three Magi whose remains were said to have been removed

from Costantinopoli in 344 and brought here.

The bell tower is still today surmounted by a star to guide the Wise Men.

Next year I am starting with an exhibition in the Galleria Sozzani that I have always wanted to do. I am presenting the work of Mrs. Newton who worked under the name of Alice Springs. One of my first shows at Galleria Sozzani was of Helmut Newton’s work. Since then I have presented three more exhibitions, always with the presence of

Helmut and June, his wife. Over the years I came to know and appreciate her work and to love her as a friend. Here she is performing Salomè in 1951.

Posted on: Sunday, December 4th, 2011

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