Sitting in Milan now I am watching the rain and I realize

how immediate our own responses are to what is in front of us.

The tragedy in Liguria almost blots out a week of great beauty for me until now.

This is the coast of Liguria where this week strong floods

caused deaths in Genova and Monterosso.

One wonders how such beauty can become so quickly disaster and destruction.

Today we are thinking of the people and children

who still struggle in this week end’s torrential rainfall.

New to my desk this week is this wonderful book from Kris Ruhs.

Each page an original portrait of his interactions with the people and events

he sees where the expressions are as personal and direct as he is.

These faces say more than 1,000 words!

Renovated in the mid 1990’s by Starck and Mendini

on the bend of a canal in northern Netherlands,

The Groninger Museum is hosting for the second time

a major exhibition of Azzedine Alaia.

In December of 1997 the museum inaugurated a retrospective of Mr. Alaia’s work

before its presentation in New York City.

Now, on the 10th of December, but 14 years later, The Groninger will inaugurate

a show again of the last decade of Alaia’s vision.

Here we are behind the scenes in Paris as Mark Wilson,

the curator, prepare the catalogue for the show.


On the last day of October I was invited to a private evening tour

of the Degas Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London

followed by a small dinner party taken in one of the salons that are rarely used or seen.

The silence and peace of the evening visit,

the beauty of the dancers Degas painted countless times

and this thoughtfully curated show made me aware that

even if we think we know an artist, their work is always a discovery.

And of course  the opportunity to see the Degas photographs was my best moment.

Emerging from the darkness into the single source light,

a dancer’s perfectly poised moment captured by his eye was simply exquisite.


Posted on: Sunday, November 6th, 2011

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