When I sat at my desk six weeks ago and thought yes, it would be nice to share a bit of this quiet time that I use to think about so many of the wonderful people and events that have been my week, I had not really thought about how much time I spend now being away from this desk and Milano.

So here is another picture of my favorite desk – with some of the favorite things I like to see when I am here at home at 10 Corso Como – pictures of my family and Kuramata’s bright pink lucite vases are a joy to come home to.

I am italian so for me there are no memories of childhood Halloween parties.

When I found out this feast’s origin comes from the Romans, the festival of Pomona,

goddess of fruits and seeds…I liked it better!

It is a night of scary stories and cats play a big role amongst the witches, bats and vampires…here our 10 Corso Como cats are ready to go out on the 31st, like they do every year. Trick or treat.

Blackie, our sweet Bengala cat sits on Kris’ shoulder when we got home.  She will stay safe at home on tomorrow night.

The night we leave we meet friends for a drink at Sevva Restaurant overlooking the harbour of Hong Kong. What you cannot see is the amazing sunset that circle us entirely around as we sit and catch up with friends.  By the time I stopped listening to take the picture, the colours had faded!

In the most chaotic city I think on the earth, with sounds,smells and activities seeming to take up all the space, the trees make their own space through the cement, and they grow where they can, creating this incredible living sculpture…nothing can beat nature!

Walking along Hong Kong’s elevated streets where you never get wet even when it rains – a great achievement –  we watched the workers building the new Giorgio Armani store.  Back lighted here against the scaffold and the building reminded me of the black and white photos taken by Franco Grignani in 1927 (left)  and the one by Charles C. Ebbets of New York City in the 1930’s when that city was shaping its skyline as Hong Kong does now.

Posted on: Sunday, October 30th, 2011

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